"Quest for the World's Best Bagel"

- Apr 27, 2016


"The Great Bagel Diaspora"


- Feb 23, 2016


"You Can't Just Follow A Recipe - You Actually Really Have To Feel It"


-from interview by CNN Nov 16, 2014


"Kicking Off A Bagelution"

-South China Morning Post, 5 Oct, 2014


"There Are Finally Good Bagels In This City!”

- Foodie Sep 4, 2014


"Schrage on Schragels: Interview with the Founder"

- Jun 15, 2015


"This Is The Real Deal"


-HK Magazine Sep 18, 2014


"Is There Anything Better Than A Freshly-Baked Bagel Slathered With Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon?"


-Sassy Hong Kong, Oct 13, 2014





“Getting An Authentic New York Bagel Is Like Chasing The Elusive Unicorn Around Hong Kong.”

bagels in hong kong

-Timeout Magazine 2014


“Schragels Is Run By The Schrage Family, Who Uses A Traditional Recipe To Make This American Staple The Proper New York Way.”

fresh bagels hong kong

-HK Eats 2014